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Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

No, we’re not talking about superheros this time. We are referring to the changes in healthcare!

If you’re an independent provider or dentist you know first hand how difficult it is to deal with all of the regulations and changes.

Many providers are not even aware that hiring HIPAA compliant IT professionals is not just a good idea… its required.

Since you are here, its safe to say that YOU realize this and are taking action. You are awesome!


We’re Here To Help


We are going to help you find exactly what you came for… a HIPAA compliant IT provider.

Our listings are ONLY of those IT providers who have demonstrated superior knowledge of HIPAA and verified that they are taking HIPAA seriously.

We are not taking the place of your own “Due Diligence” but rather, we are part of that process. Take some time to read through our About page to learn more about this resource. Then take a look at our articles to find out how to get the most from this resource as well as helpful information about HIPAA and IT.

Head over to our listings page (Find Superhero) and see if there is an IT professional in your area.

If not, let us know, maybe we can still help you.

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