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Are you frustrated in your search for a HIPAA compliant IT company that not only understands how to service your IT needs but also understands the compliance issues unique to your practice?

Don’t you wish there was a way to more easily find IT providers that are HIPAA compliant and legal for you to contract with?

Well… now there is! Welcome to (also This resource was built for you, the independent provider looking for compliant and competent IT providers to fully service your practice.

Our listings are vetted at the following levels to assist you in making a prudent choice when picking a business to hire:

silversealSilver Member (Verified) – This member level is vetted by requiring the business to submit a “Due Diligence” questionnaire. This document is reviewed by our team and made available to you upon request.

goldsealGold Member (Professional) – This member level is vetted by the “Due Diligence” questionnaire AND is a verified Professional member of This shows that the IT business is taking proactive steps to stay informed and maintaining continual education of HIPAA.

Seal_Final_1.2Certified Member (Certified) – This member level is vetted by the “Due Diligence” questionnaire AND is a verified Professional member of In addition, this business has successfully completed the Certified HIPAA Managed Services Professional comprehensive HIPAA training for IT professionals course AND passed the CHMSP exam. Look for the CHMSP seal to know you are getting the best candidate to interview.



DISCLAIMER – Although we have a vetting process that is much better than most Covered Entities and Business Associates, it is still YOUR responsibility to do your own due diligence on your Business Associates and IT providers. We do our best to help you by putting them through our rigorous process. However, that does not relieve your practice or business from this responsibility or liability. We make no guarantees or claims to the IT abilities of members or to their ongoing HIPAA compliant status. This resource is designed to help you with your due diligence process, not to replace it.

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