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How Does It Work

HIPAA compliant MSPs and IT companies now have a resource to help their potential clients find them easier and vet them better. We are consistently promoting this resource to the target market through podcasts, blogging and other sources. Your potential clients are coming here looking for HIPAA compliant MSPs and IT providers. Will they find your business?

This is also a resource for you to have your current client base come to and leave you a rating and review. This further promotes your business and helps build trust in your brand.

For visitors to this site, they can check out all listings and contact you directly at absolutely no cost to them. If they decide to request from us a copy of your due diligence questionnaire then there will be a nominal admin fee for this service.

For members, this site is a valuable resource for marketing your business to a specific market, validating your position in that market and building trust through your listing content.

All in all, this creates a win-win scenario. Visitors can easily find and vet your business. Members can know that their marketing dollar is an investment in highly targeted ads on an interactive platform that will build trust and increase revenue.

Let’s do this!

Step 1 – Choose your listing plan (see below)

Step 2 – Submit the content for your listing

Step 3 – Complete and submit the Due Diligence Questionnaire

Step 4 – Market your listing to your current clients to build ratings and reviews

Step 5 – Market your listing in all your marketing collateral to build social proof and create the “know, like and trust” factor.


If you are interested in having your MSP or IT business listed on, here are the requirements:

  • You must be a Managed IT Service Provider or IT company within the United States
  • You must submit to our Business Associate Due Diligence Questionnaire before acceptance and upon annual renewal
  • You must agree to conduct business with the highest of ethics
  • Your account must stay in good standing.

That’s it!

Listing Plans

All membership levels have the choice of the following listing plans:

Basic – $297 / annually

The Basic listing includes:

  • Standard Business Listing
  • Customer ratings & reviews

Premier – $497 / annually

The Premier listing includes:

  • Standard Business Listing
  • Customer ratings & reviews
  • Publish quarterly articles
  • Publish 1 video or audio content piece

Professional – $897 / annually

The Professional listing includes:

  • Standard Business Listing
  • Customer ratings & reviews
  • Publish monthly articles
  • Publish 3 video or audio content pieces
  • Skype interview recorded and published

Membership Levels Explained


Silver Member (Verified) – This member level is vetted by requiring the business to submit to a “Due Diligence” survey. This document is reviewed by our team. Silver members are not members of Silver members may choose from any of the three listing levels (Basic, Premier or Professional) to market their business.

goldsealGold Member (Professional) – This member level is vetted by the “Due Diligence” survey AND is a verified Professional member of This shows that the IT business is taking proactive steps to stay informed and maintaining continual education of HIPAA. Gold members have a Premier Listing included FREE as part of their membership. Gold members may choose to upgrade to the Professional Listing.

Seal_Final_1.2Certified Member (Certified) – This member level is vetted by the “Due Diligence” survey AND is a verified Professional Plus member of In addition, this business has successfully completed the Certified HIPAA Managed Services Professional comprehensive HIPAA training for IT professionals course AND passed the CHMSP exam. Certified members have the Professional listing included FREE as part of their membership.



Q – What happens if my business does not get approved for a listing?

A – The Due Diligence Questionnaire is very thorough and sometimes a member may find that they aren’t as HIPAA compliant as they thought. Use the questionnaire to guide you through the areas that your business needs to address and then submit the completed questionnaire. We will gladly point you toward resources that will help you achieve compliance. If you decide to back out of your listing, we will gladly refund your investment minus a $97 admin fee. However, we prefer to assist you in reaching your compliance goals.

Q – How will visitors find my business and contact me?

A – Visitors my search by membership type (silver, gold, certified), geographic regional location or rating. Your listing will have the contact information that you provided us during your listing creation. does not require visitors to go through us to contact you. Potential clients and members deal directly with one another.

Q – Where is being marketed?

A – We are currently marketing the website via podcasts, blog posts, social media and email campaigns. As the resource grows there will be even more opportunities to investment in marketing the site and driving potential clients to your listing.

Q – What happens if someone leaves a fake, false or negative review on my listing?

A – Monitoring the reviews is certainly a process that members should be diligent about. Members may dispute a review and we will do a general investigation into the matter. If we find the review was likely fake, false or malicious we may edit or remove the review. If a negative review could be legit, we ask that members and visitors work toward a mutual resolution that may allow for the visitor (your client) to change the rating and review. Modifying or removing reviews is intended to remove inappropriate, malicious or fictitious content.

Do you have a question? Ask us!

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